Xiaomi knows no boundaries anymore. Samsung's end is near

Başlatan gemeng, Ksm 25, 2020, 11:26 ÖS

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Xiaomi announced that it broke 15 records in 2020. It seems that now Samsung should fear Xiaomi instead of Huawei.

Xiaomi, one of the rising names in the smartphone market, strengthened its strength in 2020. For many companies and names, 2020 was not very auspicious. Finally, the legendary football player Maradona passed away in 2020.

But unlike the majority, Xiaomi broke the record on record in 2020. In the statement made by the Chinese manufacturer, it was stated that 15 different records were broken in 2020.

Total revenue reached RMB 72.2 billion, annual growth rate was 34.5%
Adjusted net profit reached RMB 4.1 billion, annual growth rate was 18.9%
Smartphone revenue reached RMB 47.6 billion, annual growth rate was 47.5%
Smartphone sales reached 46.6 million units, with an annual growth rate of 45.3%
Foreign market revenues
International IoT and lifestyle product revenues
Overseas internet services income
Overseas MIUI MAU (monthly active users)
Internet services advertising revenues
Global MIUI MAU (monthly active users)
Smart TVs and Mi Box MAU (monthly active users)
The number of connected IoT devices on the AIoT platform (excluding smartphones and laptops)
Number of users with five or more devices connected to Xiaomi's IoT platform (excluding smartphones and laptops)
Mi Home app MAU (monthly active users)
AI Assistant MAU (monthly active users)

It seems that Samsung will not be able to maintain its title as the world's top selling phone company for many years. Because Xiaomi is growing very quickly. If it goes on like this, Samsung will hand over the leadership seat to Xiaomi for 2 years. This seems like an inevitable end.